How To Know if You’re Pregnant Without a Test?

How To Know if You’re Pregnant Without a Test?A pregnancy test is a great indicator to find out if you are pregnant, but how do you know if you’re pregnant without a test available? We are going to discuss in great deal the first symptoms you will start to notice at the beginning of pregnancy.

Your body will start giving you clues that something is happening inside you. That something is the miracle of growing a baby. Some women have a natural intuition without even having to take a pregnancy test, but some women need to know what signs to look for.

You Missed Your Period

Missing your period is one of the biggest signs that you might be pregnant. If you typically have a normal cycle and never miss a period and suddenly do then this could be a huge indicator to you that you might be pregnant. You can take a pregnancy test or look at these other symptoms to see if you are pregnant.

Now just because you miss your period doesn’t always mean that you are pregnant. You could have an influx of hormones in your body that are causing the missed period. Even something as simple as losing weight or gaining weight can change the frequency and flow of your period. Just be aware of that if that is your only pregnancy symptom.

Sore Breasts

This is another way to know if you’re pregnant without taking a test. As early as a week or two after conception you should start to notice this symptom. All of the increased estrogens that are being made inside your body makes the glands inside the breast feel very sore and almost swollen. This is also the time that your breast will start preparing to make milk. You will not see any milk for quite a long time, but the milk glands will start to get ready.

Cramps and Abdominal Bloating

Cramps and Abdominal BloatingCramps and abdominal bloating are very common in the first few weeks of pregnancy. Most women believe when they start to feel those cramps that it is just their period about to come, but it can actually be the cramps from the growing uterus. Another common reason for cramping during the first few weeks of pregnancy is when the fertilized egg from the sperm attaches itself to implant on the uterine wall.

You will also feel pretty bloated the first few weeks of pregnancy. The bloating is again the hormonal changes that come with being pregnant. These symptoms may feel a lot like PMS symptoms, so it is sometimes hard to differentiate the two things.


When you become pregnant, you will notice a sudden change in energy levels as well as an increased feeling of fatigue. Again, your hormone levels are working you body overtime to prepare your body for pregnancy. As your basal body temperature increases, it makes you feel tired, and you feel like you have less energy. All of this is completely normal so do not worry.

Morning Sickness or Nausea

More than half the women in the world get hit with the morning sickness, also known as nausea symptom. This can happen just two weeks after your conception date. You can feel sick and queasy at any point during the day, but most women have their sickness in the morning or after meals. With the increased levels of progesterone makes the stomach take longer to empty giving you that upset stomach or sick feeling. If the morning sickness is unbearable talk to a doctor about your options on what you can do to help keep that at bay.

Mood Changes

Mood ChangesAnother very common symptom linked to pregnancy is mood changes. This happens because of the increased levels of the HCG hormones that are being produced in your body. You will also be feeling very tired and cramping, so this could affect your mood quite greatly. You can feel mood change both good and bad and maybe have the occasional tantrum. These mood changes can happen not only in pregnancy but also in menopause and during PMS.

Your Basal Body Temperature Increases

This is a special thermometer that will read your basal body temperature. Your body temperature will increase about a degree or higher when you are in the process of ovulation and when the egg descends into the uterus. If you have been monitoring your basal temperature you can possibly be pregnant if your temperature does not come down after a few days. If you would like to purchase a basal body thermometer than let me recommend the VEDIK Basal Digital Thermometer to you.

Frequent Headaches

With the blood flow increasing inside your body, you may notice a few headaches. You may notice then when you haven’t eaten in a few hours or if you are not drinking enough fluids. This should only happen in the first few weeks of pregnancy. Some women don’t even notice this symptom as it is not prevalent in everyone.

Do you have to Pee?

Frequent urination is another symptom that is caused by the increased blood flow in the body. Also, you may be feeling bloated which is causing a lot of water retention making you have to pee more. This can be a very hard symptom to notice, especially if you aren’t paying close attention to signs like this.

Bloody Nose/ Runny Nose

Bloody Nose/ Runny NoseThe increased blood flow makes your nose do funny things when you are pregnant. When the blood volume and flow has been increased during pregnancy it puts pressure on your sinuses and can make your nose congested, runny, and even sometimes bloody. This is a more uncommon pregnancy symptom but still expecting mothers have reported feeling this before they found out they were pregnant. The symptom does revolve rather quickly as you get further along in the first trimester.


Increased acne activity is another very common pregnancy symptom. This will tend to happen because of all the increased hormones running through your body. If you notice an increase than just a few normal breakouts, then you could possibly be pregnant.

Food Cravings

It can be surprising to have food cravings so soon in a pregnancy, but it can happen. You can start to crave certain foods and also develop a food aversion where you used to like a certain food, but now it bothers you because it makes you feel sick. You can have these symptoms up until the time of delivery. This is way more common in the second and third trimester, but it can still happen in the first.

Darkened Areolas

This is when the area around your breast becomes darker and may also increase in size. When you have all those pregnancy hormones flowing through your body, this is a common thing to start happening along with breast tenderness and swelling. The darkening will most likely stay with you throughout the entire pregnancy. Don’t worry its nothing to be frightened from.

Pregnancy Symptoms F&Q

How do you know if you’re pregnant without a test?

Start by paying attention to how your body truly feels. Do you have one symptom discussed in this article or multiple ones? You need to start keeping track and if you are terribly concerned if you are pregnant or not; take a pregnancy test to find out truly. If you still are skeptical or unsure after that make an appointment to speak with a doctor.

How soon will you notice pregnancy symptoms?

Some pregnancy symptoms can happen as soon as one week after the conception date. Some of those symptoms would be the breast soreness, the darkened areolas, cramping, bloating, fatigue, and even morning sickness. We are not saying that you will experience every single pregnancy symptom listed here, but you may start to see one or two happening.

Are these ways of figuring out you’re pregnant accurate?

They are not 100% accurate because you really need a pregnancy test or a test from your doctor to prove 100% that you are. These symptoms are your body’s way of letting you know that you are pregnant. A women’s body changes drastically not only in the way it looks, but your body overall has to change to accommodate a baby. You can still have a few of these symptoms even if you are not pregnant based upon certain health issues, menopause, and even PMS.

When do I take a pregnancy test?

A pregnancy test should be taken two weeks after the conception date. Some tests t=state that they can be used eight to eleven days after the conception date, but it is important to wait until after two weeks because you want an accurate answer. Sometimes pregnancy tests can give you a false positive or even a false negative. If you are still unsure after taking a pregnancy test, consult with your doctor to perform a blood test to see if you are pregnant.

I’m pregnant now what?

First off, congratulations because it is a miracle and joyous time when you are expecting. There are some things you need to take care off now knowing that you are pregnant such as taking a prenatal vitamin, finding an OB-GYN, and much more. We have written an entire article on what to do when you find out you’re pregnant, so check it out.


If you think that you are pregnant, then you must know the pregnancy symptoms that way you can really be sure. Figuring out if you’re pregnant without a pregnancy test can be a challenge, but it is nice to know what to look for if you are trying to become pregnant. If you have any questions about pregnancy symptoms, please ask them down below.

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